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Louis during a nice Indian Summer!!! My best friend from high school, Lucy, and I went to the lake for some late season sunning!!! It was so nice we took off our bras and sunned in the topless!!! While we were lying there, I told her all about the girls in the our house back at Tech and how it seemed like one big orgy!!! She confessed that it was pretty much that way at State U, and that she and her roomie ate each other out just about every night!!! We were really getting hot telling each other our stories, and pretty soon we were both turned over on our sides and let our boobs squish together!!! Oh my, did that feel nice!!! Even though Betty Sue and I have a lot of hot sex, we really don't kiss much, but out there by the lake Lucy gave me the sweetest kiss I've ever had!!! With are boobs nipple to nipple, our kiss was unbelievably erotic, and before I knew it, we were both reaching into each other's panties and doing each other's clit!!! As much as I like my room mate, I love Lucy (I know, that's pretty bad, but I couldn't help myself), so our orgasms were especially hard!!! After I got home, right away my mom could smell an aura of sex around me and demanded to know what had happened!!! I was little afraid to tell, but after a little prodding, I spilled my guts and told her everything!!! You know what upset her the most!?! Havin' sex with Chuckie, that's what!!! She's afraid I'm gonna catch AIDS from some whacko, and feels much more at ease about me having sex with the girls!!! Go figure, I never woulda thought that my mom would have ever thought having sex with another woman was a good plan, I guess it's the times we live in, diary!!! Anyway, mom said I reeked of sex, so she took me upstairs and gave me a bath just like I was a little girl!!! She even used a razor to shave off all of my pubic hair, she said she liked me with the little girl look!!! After I hopped out of the tub and she dried me off, all at once she began to cry, I was puzzled, and threw my arms around her and asked what was wrong!?! She said she was just sad that I was all grown up and pretty much out of her life forever, and that she missed the good old days when I was wit her every day!!! I felt so bad for her, and a tear even came to my eye, cuz I really love my mom and hate to see her in pain!!! I asked her if there was anything I could do, and she had a lot of trouble asking, but she said she wanted to nurse me again like she did when I was a little baby!!! She seemed so shaken I just nodded my head and said sure!!! The next thing I knew, we were on the floor together and she was feeding one of her big nipples into my mouth!!! It was incredibly relaxing to just nurse on her while she hummed songs and stroked my cheek and hair!!! After a while I could tell that she was getting aroused, cuz her speech was becoming more labored!!! I whispered in her ear that I would be more than happy to suck her off, and to my great satisfaction she readily agreed!!! She sat on the toilet with the lid down and her legs spread wide apart, and her very hairy pussy already damp with her dew!!! I know this sounds crazy, diary, but for those thirty minutes in our bathroom I've never felt closer to her!!! Her pussy was like a furnace, hotter than a pistol, very insistent, and very demanding!!! She kept telling what a good little girl I was while orgasm after orgasm exploded inside of her cunt!!! When she was finally all spent, I helped her into the tub and returned the favor by giving her a little girl's bath, too!!! Anyway, it was a great trip back home to my old stomping grounds, diary, time to hit the hay, night now!!!

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Hentai: a eaten-in ethn one

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