(C50) [Echigo-ya Kikaku (Negura Nao)] Digital Plugin (Mahou Tsukai Tai, Rurouni Kenshin)

He sensed he would not last long so he pulled out of her mouth and wiped the string of saliva that followed on her pale cheek. [Poashara] Roshutsu No Megami-sama #1 Ishida… I’ve only just started with you”
He chuckles to himself as he flicks off the light and shuts the door on her sobbing cries for mercy.

Hentai: (C50) [Echigo-ya Kikaku (Negura Nao)] Digital Plugin (Mahou Tsukai Tai, Rurouni Kenshin)

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(C50) [越後屋企画 (ねぐら☆なお)]DIGITAL PLUGIN(魔法使いTai!, るろうに剣心)

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