(Reitaisai 14) [Daiginjou Masshigura (Doburocky)] Nukunuku Okuu (Touhou Project)

Lover from the Sea

You came to me from afar
I took you into my home
You took me in your arms
I breathed in the scent of you
We craved the closeness
We were so at ease with each other
You drew back, looked deep in my eyes
I saw my want reflected in your eyes
You lay back on the bed
I sat between your knees
We knew this would be a night to remember
We were looking forward to playing
You allowed me complete access
I responded with awe and pleasure
You led and guided me
I tied you, learning the ropes
You touched me, heard me gasp
I teased you, felt your breath quicken
We experimented on each other
We played with each other
You saw my nipples harden
I watched your cock swell
You sucked them, nipped them
I tasted you, licked you
We slowly tormented each other
We savoured our arousal
You entered me, filling me
I caught my breath, drew you in
You rocked in me – driving me to the edge
I clasped you tighter – pushing your limits
We exploded, climaxing out of control
We felt complete, fulfilled
You took me in your arms
I lay sated and lethargic
You called me Goddess
I felt like a Deity
We reached heaven again and again

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Hentai: (Reitaisai 14) [Daiginjou Masshigura (Doburocky)] Nukunuku Okuu (Touhou Project)

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(例大祭14) [大吟醸まっしぐら (ドブロッキィ)]ぬくぬくおくう(東方Project)

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