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here he said gine me a little suck would ya? What? No I pleaded he grabed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth as the cock in my ass started to pull out his was goin in

They started pumping there big dicks in and out of my ass harder and harder deeper and deeper the pain wasn't as bad after a while but it still hurt my so called friend was now fucking my throught causing me to gag I couldn't belive this was hapining I tryed to beg them to stop but my mouth was full of dick and my friend just laughed

My ass felt like it was on fire I keept getting a hand loose and trying to hold his hips back to try and prevent the ass raping but to no avail he just kept pounding away like I was just a bitch fuck toy for them he was soon puuling all the way out and then slaming all the way in causing my hole body to jolt foward onto my freinds cock soon I felt my ass get filled with hot goo I knew he cape he high fived my buddy then pulled out

Finaly thank god I thought ass my bud held his cock down my throught as another took there place behined me noooo stop I gurgeled at the same moment my friend started cumming down my throught causing me to gag and choke the second cock slid in a lot easier and didn't feel nerly as bad ny friend pulled out and another guy took his place I could hear the girl moaning loudly in the background

I achualy started to injoy the feeling of having a cock inside me as he pumped in and out over and over I soon found myself throsting my ass back towrds him moning around the cock in my ass. And all the suddin he said fuck it! Grabed me by the arm and through me to the ground, my naked body hit the ground as he positiond himself on top of me

I started to fight back, hey what the fuck man no stop motherfucker I yelled at him.

Hentai: [Norakura] Are (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

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[のらくら]アレ(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

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