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Naruto blushed at how beautiful she looked but then he remembered that he’s cheeks were covered in tears so he turned to wipe them of then turn around again. Hinata began to shed tears as her thoughts continued to stir ‘Why? Why me? Why don’t I ever get what I wa— ’ Hinata’s thoughts were cut short as she reached the top only to notice a single figure by the edge sitting down and looking at the village, it was a boy.

Hentai: (COMIC1☆5) [Marked-two (Maa-kun)] Tabegoro Vita (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha) [English] {wtfwowlol}

Tabegoro Vita 1Tabegoro Vita 2Tabegoro Vita 3Tabegoro Vita 4Tabegoro Vita 5Tabegoro Vita 6Tabegoro Vita 7Tabegoro Vita 8Tabegoro Vita 9Tabegoro Vita 10Tabegoro Vita 11Tabegoro Vita 12Tabegoro Vita 13Tabegoro Vita 14Tabegoro Vita 15Tabegoro Vita 16Tabegoro Vita 17Tabegoro Vita 18Tabegoro Vita 19Tabegoro Vita 20Tabegoro Vita 21Tabegoro Vita 22Tabegoro Vita 23Tabegoro Vita 24Tabegoro Vita 25Tabegoro Vita 26Tabegoro Vita 27Tabegoro Vita 28

(COMIC1☆5) [Marked-two (まーくん)]たべごろヴィータ(魔法少女リリカルなのは) [英訳]

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