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As we collapsed onto the bed I said “Katie that was the best fuck of my life ” she replied” Katie? What happened to Susie?” With a smile. After dinner my wife and her mother decided that the following morning they were going to get up early and hit the new shopping centre that had been recently completed my father in law wasn't best pleased as he was going to be the chauffeur on a 2 round trip nobody batted an eyelid when i turned the offer down they new I hated shopping and would probably still be out of it at that time in the morning, however we we were all quite shocked when katie said she was going to stay and do some laps of the pool and chill considering she was a bit of a shopaholic, it was at that point I thought there could be a repeat of this mornings performance I awoke to movement in the room, ever so slowly I sneaked a look and there was Katie rummaging in her wardrobe, and as yesterday she went down on all fours to retrieve shoes from the bottom of the wardrobe which gave me another view of her pussy and ass however I was a little disappointed to find that I was more in the middle of the bed than yesterday so I wasn't as close to take in the fine details After a few minutes I sensed her approaching the bed and then after another few seconds I felt the sheet being removed to expose my semi erect cock she must have been more bold or horny than yesterday because she went straight to jerking me off so I did my part and moaned my wife's name, and to my horror she stopped for what seemed like an eternity but then I felt her climb on the bed obviously my disappointment that I couldn't get a close up view of her earlier because I was in the middle of the bed had worked in my favour because she couldn't get comfortable stretching over to the middle to play with my cock As she settled on the bed I looked to my left and there was her pert ass inches away from my face so I thought to myself I'm not going to get a chance like this again and started rubbing the back of her thighs and working my way up to her already moist pussy, as I started to rub her clit she stopped playing with my cock and eased her leg over my face putting us in the perfect sixty nine position, there I was looking up at this sweet seventeen year old pussy at which point she lowered it onto my face and took my cock in her mouth,now I knew there was no holding back I slowly slid my tongue over her clit and started easing my fingers in her now sopping pussy, after a few minutes of this I decided I was going for it I slid my hand up to her asshole and slowly inserted my index finger and then almost instantly Katie pushed backed while groaning yes! After I slid another finger in her ass I knew I just had to fuck her right then I certainly wasn't going to last much longer the way she was slurping on my cock so I pulled her back and she just slid her pussy down on my solid cock after ten minutes of fucking I just had to fuck that ass, pretending to keep up the pretence of being oblivious to who I was fucking I said “Susie get on all fours so I can fuck that beautiful ass of yours ” which she duly did and I positioned my slick cock against her ring and slipped in with a nice bit of resistance, Katie then started to push back onto me and started getting vocal telling me to fuck her virgin ass now I knew after only a few minutes I was going let go with a massive cum load, just at that Katie started to have her own orgasm at which point I emptied every bit of semen I had in me into her ass.

Hentai: 3D Comic: Vozhos Bride

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