[Aporon] Impregnated Gwen

i ran back in and he was fully naked with a bulging erection, i passed him the condom and he put it one, i started getting naked for him and jumped on him, he suddenly asked,

“have you really never had sex?”
“no, but i want you to pop my cherry!” i said

he looked suprised and tried to put his dick in me, as soon as he did i felt a massive pain through my body,
he asked me if i was alright but i just said carry on,

we started slow and gaind speed, it turned from pain to pleasure,

“faster. Continue reading so i knew i was safe to go on all night if i wanted to!
i turned the volume on loud so i would get more horny,
suddenly i herd a bang on the front door to slow my bedroom door opened, it was luke,
he just stud there, mouth opened and gazing at me,
i jumped up and turned my computer of, i was so embarrest, i had a red face and i was half naked,
luke had a big smile it was as if he liked it.

Hentai: [Aporon] Impregnated Gwen

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