Candid Asu-Naru – Mahou Sensei Negima Love Hina Fetish

Instructions had been given me, and I stayed away from the water closet for thirty-six hours. Watch more At Fournier's establishment we had another curious article of furniture: a kind of toilet chair, provided with the usual hole and set against the wall; things were so arranged that a man could lie in such a way that while his body extended into the neighboring room, his shoulders passed through an opening and his head occupied the place usually reserved for the chamber pot.

Hentai: (C69) [GUST (Gust-san)] Asu-Naru (Mahou Sensei Negima!, Love Hina) [English] [SaHa]

Asu-Naru 1Asu-Naru 2Asu-Naru 3Asu-Naru 4Asu-Naru 5Asu-Naru 6Asu-Naru 7Asu-Naru 8Asu-Naru 9Asu-Naru 10Asu-Naru 11Asu-Naru 12Asu-Naru 13Asu-Naru 14Asu-Naru 15Asu-Naru 16Asu-Naru 17Asu-Naru 18Asu-Naru 19Asu-Naru 20Asu-Naru 21Asu-Naru 22Asu-Naru 23Asu-Naru 24Asu-Naru 25Asu-Naru 26Asu-Naru 27Asu-Naru 28Asu-Naru 29Asu-Naru 30Asu-Naru 31Asu-Naru 32Asu-Naru 33Asu-Naru 34Asu-Naru 35Asu-Naru 36Asu-Naru 37Asu-Naru 38Asu-Naru 39Asu-Naru 40Asu-Naru 41Asu-Naru 42

(C69) [GUST (ガストさん)]ASU-NARU(魔法先生ネギま!、ラブひな) [英訳]

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