Socks Kurayami No Kuni – Sister Princess Cocksuckers

Zoe – 5'5″ blond, attractive (she turns heads wherever she is), waxed pussy, curvy, 44DD
Me – 6'4″ 220, athletic build, 7″ thick, (I have been told that I am a good looking guy)
We are both in our late 40's and enjoy playing with others as well. My slut has recently played with a couple in FL at my encouragement – she enjoyed it very much.

Hentai: (ComiComi3) [Yoru no Benkyoukai (Asurai Masaki)] Kurayami no Kuni (Sister Princess)

Kurayami no Kuni 1Kurayami no Kuni 2Kurayami no Kuni 3Kurayami no Kuni 4Kurayami no Kuni 5Kurayami no Kuni 6Kurayami no Kuni 7Kurayami no Kuni 8Kurayami no Kuni 9Kurayami no Kuni 10Kurayami no Kuni 11Kurayami no Kuni 12Kurayami no Kuni 13Kurayami no Kuni 14Kurayami no Kuni 15Kurayami no Kuni 16Kurayami no Kuni 17Kurayami no Kuni 18Kurayami no Kuni 19Kurayami no Kuni 20Kurayami no Kuni 21Kurayami no Kuni 22Kurayami no Kuni 23Kurayami no Kuni 24Kurayami no Kuni 25Kurayami no Kuni 26

(コミコミ3) [夜の勉強会 (明日瀬真咲)]暗闇の国(シスタープリンセス)

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